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The Chronicles of Edgar Edgerton

Ishte ukei satta antaa Udana!

(Roughly translated: Welcome to the land of the Udanai!)

Greetings Worthy Reader,

I am Edgar Edgerton, Seer of Sights, Walker of the World, and Guilty Purveyor of Lustful Wandering. Take my final title as you may, but I am the most enthusiastic of explorers and, within this tome, I present to you my chronicles of a fascinating albeit dangerous realm, The Land of Shifting Ice.

Adventurers, be wary when traveling in the Land of Shifting Ice. The environment is beyond treacherous and special equipment is required to safely traverse and survive the freezing wind, miring snow, and savage beasts that inhabit this land. This book contains the total collection of my experiences cross-referenced for easy and quick navigation. Every scrap of information gleaned from those that I have met or encountered, every experience that I had, every trick learned from every beast I fought is written here for you. Without further adieu, I present to you The Land of Shifting Ice as seen through my eyes.


Edgar Edgerton, Explorer

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